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I hope you are enjoying your visit on my website.

My name is Dorthe and together with my husband Tony, we have a lot of lovely cats and our dog Cookie (a Great Dane). We are living in a big house near Copenhagen, from where we run our cattery.

Our cattery started in 1998, with a nice Blue Mitted girl. We went to the showhall with her and from that moment we were sold to the catworld. We imported our first male in 1999 and in 2000 we went to Spain to pick up our first cat from the Cattery Patriarca:
A super seal bicolour girl named, Patriarca Davina.

Pat from Patriarca became our mentor and a very good friend of our family, we went to her home many times to pick up and bring new cats. She was helping our cattery with the “new” colour and in 2001 we got our first Tortie and Lynx in the cattery.

Our family is also counting our children and their family. We have 2 grandchildren who help us raising these lovely, social and playfull kittens If you want to know more about our cats/kittens, you are always welcome to send a mail or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Contact us here:

Dorthe Seierø Eltong
Phone: +45 2813 5309
Email: info@ragdoll.dk
Facebook: Seierø’s Ragdoll katteri